Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm going to make an acorn necklace
because I think it is a nice thing to do.

Jeremy and I bumbled around in the woods looking for perfect acorns yesterday, and would you believe it? They are harder to find than you would think.

That's why we decided it is a nice thing to wear a necklace about it when you find one. Because they are rare, like four leaf clovers.

When I was little I could never find those and my brother could which upset me. So I picked multiple leaves and held them together at the stem and pretended. "Look Mom! I found a SIX leaf clover!"

"Oh, let's put it in a bag to keep!" she'd say to me at which point the game was over because you can't keep a six leaf clover in tact in a bag. Only in your hand.
(you can do it too! )

Furthermore, I'd also like to try to make these shoes.
This could be even trickier than finding a whole acorn or a four leaf clover because I'd have to come up with my own pattern. But I feel up for the challenge because - look how cute!

Finding shoe soles is a[whole]nother matter though.

I'm on a hunt.
Who knew crafting could be so adventurous and thrilling?

(You may purchase these shoes here.)

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