Wednesday, June 2, 2010

nom nom nom

a restful memorial day weekend full of good eats is what we had.
i can't get enough of fantastic food blogs these days.

here are two of my favorite recipes that i tried out over the past couple days:

from 101 cookbooks, a recipe for baked eggs in delightful little pita bread pockets. jeremy and i made them monday morning along with some baked oatmeal and raspberries which may be the very loveliest fruit of them all.

and from smitten kitchen, my mother and i made some shaved asparagus pizza for which we used a vegetable peeler to make thin strips of asparagus. it was beautiful. the texture was so nice. we thought once asparagus season is over (i can feel it coming and it makes me anxious just to think of it) it might be nice to use a similar method on other veggies because the thin strips are so nice. i have it in mind to try it out on sweet potatoes because sweet potato anything is a brilliant idea in my book.

on another note, i feel so thankful for anything that evokes in me a sense of wonder at creation. when i lived in the mountains this was a daily occurrence but it's harder to come by here. so when jeremy and i saw babies the movie this weekend, i felt very grateful for the gentle reminder that the world is humming with liveliness and reverence and mystery. we giggled and giggled because the babies were so funny but also because they were cute and we can't help but giggle at the cute things too.

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  1. Ooh, baked eggs in pita pockets and baked oatmeal with raspberries? Very cute, and it looks delicious. The pizza also looks wonderful too. :)