Monday, May 10, 2010

summer `10

is here.
and reminding me to be in love with the world for all its many possibilities.
especially the green grassy farmlands that i drove through last night
and the unfolding of pink sky that some poet once cleverly named as "steeping"

because few listen to what happens here, this will mostly be a practice place for the summer
where i write shitty first drafts and bumblings without much thought to my audience. (sorry - but it's for the better for now)

so, if you're here, welcome. i'm glad.
i'll try my best to show up regularly as well.

here is the news i want to share with you:
my dear professor, Doug Frank, from my fall semester out at the Oregon Extension just published a new book called A Gentler God: Breaking free of the Almighty in the company of the human Jesus If you click the link it will give you more information about the book and you should also look at the reviews., brought to you by people like : brian mclaren, debbie blue, rob bell, and david james duncan.

I suspect that it will be great.

yours, LLW

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